Install Symfony 1.x on ubuntu 14.04

Follow link for installation,

In my case there were problems after installations

  1. 500 server error  – Create Virtual Host to fix this error – follow each step in guideline given.
  2. Build schema XSL and PHP accelerator error –
    1. for XSL  try “sudo apt-get install php5-xsl
    2. for PHP accelerator try “sudo apt-get install php-apc

Add createMany method which posts multiple objects on strongloop api using loopback services

$resourceProvider.defaults.actions['yourCreateMany'] = {'method':'POST','isArray':true};

Recently I was trying to post multiple objects to strongloop api using angular loopback sdk services. There was error for doing so, “callback expects object received array”. This can be handled by setting


in reource model, but as the loopback services file was getting generated on the fly I could not update the loopback services js file.

I have extended $resourceProvider default actions for my app, it worked., Hope you find it useful.